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I'm looking to start my B2B sales career and am having some trouble getting some footing. Namely, I'm the sole provider for a family of 5 and need some form of base pay of 40k or so at a minimum. I see posts on here a lot of the time of people who say that if you have a degree you should be able to get these sorts of positions, but I'm having problems finding these positions in my marketplace (Raleigh, NC area). I've been watching job boards for over 6 months now and all I'm seeing are jobs for either full commission B2C sales, or Insurance positions with a 12-24k "base" with pretty negligible commission plans (I've interviewed at a few and worked at one for a couple months). I had a B2B sales job for about 3.5 months selling specialty measuring equipment (8-15k avg) to contractors but even this job only had a 12k base (I ended up leaving as the company was only 6 people, 2 of which were sales and the training/mgmt was non-existent).

In general I feel I am a pretty bright guy. I graduated around 10 years ago with a high gpa in business admin & econ, bounced around jobs a bit (worked for a couple contractors, ran a part-time cleaning company on the side, did office work for awhile as a Medicare auditor). As far as straight sales experience, I did painting estimates for a little bit, went through Edward Jones training camp (although quit before going live), a couple months at a State Farm office, 18 part-time months doing sales for the cleaning business, 3 months selling the measuring devices (was top seller my 2nd month), currently about a month into doing home renovation sales (in home, 1 call closes…full commission).

I suppose I'm looking for some guidance as to whether I would qualify for a B2B position with a decent base salary and decent OTE (would prefer at least OTE of $65k to make ends meet but am really looking to grow and be making six figures as soon as possible). Also, any help with search terms or any other places to find these sorts of positions (I've been mainly using Indeed, craigslist, monster). As far as the field goes, I would prefer not insurance.

Thanks for your time.

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