Early 2013 Retina Macbook Pro Free Battery Replacement Success (Story)

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Hey /r/Mac,

Last July, i became aware of the shortage of Macbook battery inventory for my model Macbook pro (a1398). My Mac's battery life percentage was hovering right about 80% so i decided "why not," lets test my luck and see if i can get a replacement Mac or the service done for free. I had no intentions of utilizing this scenario maliciously. This was just per Apples Policy. This post will be very long and as detailed as possible to attempt to help anybody in a similar situation that I was in.

Come July 14, 2017, i took my mac in for a scheduled genius bar maintenance appointment to have my battery tested at my local Apple store. My battery passed the test at 80.34% of its remaining charge left. Because of this, and the shortage of batteries, i was told that i couldn't get the replacement Macbook for free since i didn't fail the battery test.

The Apple store employee was very friendly, but told me all i could do was wait until the parts came back in stock before they could do anything, but they put a note on that visit in their system that said i was quoted a free battery repair. So go on a few months….

I have a friend who works at an apple authorized center. He texted me last week saying the A1398 top cases came back in stock as of April 24th, 2018 and gave me an internal apple article number explaining that users that had to wait due to lack of inventory were to get the service done free of charge. (That internal apple article number is "OP1579" (use this under your own best ethical discretion).

Yesterday, May 3 I decided to go the local Apple Store and give it a try again. I have just finished classes for the summer so i no longer needed my computer anymore for anything school or work related. I go in with a normal genius bar appointment with the same claim; poor battery life. Again they run the test, and it passed at 81.4% of its initial charge life, and because of this, they said they couldn't replace the battery for free since it was not below 80%. They did offer to replace the battery anyway, but for roughly $500. So I explained the case that i had come in 9 months prior to get the same service done, and that i was told i could get the service done for free once they came back in stock due to the lack of inventory. Apparently there was a miscommunication/misdocumentation of that data in their system.

The reason it did not initially show on the genius employees ipad as free and instead showed the service fee of $500, was because the date that i went in initially in July was prior to Apple adding the option on their Tablets to check mark for future visits to make the battery free. This was later added apparently as a software update around "august 2017" is what i was told.

At this point, i was told to call Apple care and explain my case to them, and see if they cold push my computers case through into the Apple stores database to make the computer service ring up for $0. So i left the Apple store and called 1800APLCARE from my car in the parking lot. After about an hour on the phone with Apple care, they are able to get in contact with my local Apples store manager, and they discussed the situation with him, to which he happily agreed to do the repair for free due to my long wait for a battery repair, even though i had passed the battery checker at 80+%.

I was very thankful for them doing this. I was never rude or short with any apple employee in the store or the phone. Be polite and be friendly and you should have a similar outcome. Even if they couldn't have done it for free, I still most likely would have gotten the computer repaired for the fee they quoted me. I am just fortunate and grateful that they were able to offer this to me for free. Attached below this post is proof of the service fee of $0 with timestamps.

Again, i apologize for the length of the post. Just trying to help a brother out if anyone is stuck in the same boat. This worked out really well for me because my top case has begun pitting slightly, my space bar has started to stick, and my mouse pad is starting to stick when i click it. (FYI replacing the battery on this macbook replaces all of those components of the computer.)

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