‘Freelance Wars’ Hilariously Fuses Designer Pains With ‘Star Wars’ Scenes

Image by Freelance Wars and featured with permission

Clients can make some really strange demands. At times, they even seem unearthly.

Just for laughs, Alex Griendling—co-owner of Minneapolis-based creative studio Lunar Saloon—has merged galactic-level pains that independent designers often experience with Star Wars footage to create some awfully relatable GIFs.

In ‘Freelance Wars’, your favorite characters are smacked with even more problems: having to enlarge logos, negotiating payments, and mourning the “deaths” of starving young creatives who sacrificed their talents for exposure.

“I have been surpassed by ‘Freelance Wars’,” Griendling describes of his Twitter follower count. “And I haven’t even made a shirtless ‘Kylo’ GIF yet.”

See some GIFs from the weekly series and check out ‘Freelance Wars’ for more laughs. You might also want to follow Lunar Saloon on Twitter and Instagram to view its projects.

If you’re interested in watching Griendling’s creative process, he also streams his work on Twitch, so you might want to check that out too.


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) April 30, 2018


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) April 16, 2018


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) April 2, 2018


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) March 26, 2018


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) March 5, 2018


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) February 26, 2018


— Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) February 5, 2018

[Images by Freelance Wars and featured with permission]

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