Häagen-Dazs Unveils Triple-Layer Flavors With 3 Different Textures

Image via Häagen-Dazs

There is a good, and very delicious, reason why people pair their desserts with ice cream. The fudgy middles of freshly-baked cookies or brownies, as well as their crisp exteriors, are undoubtedly elevated by the cold, velvety touch of ice cream.

Häagen-Dazs knows where the fun’s at. The brand has unleashed three new ice cream flavors with three different levels of experiences for people who love a marriage of textures in their dessert.

The ‘Crispy Trio Layers’ series promises the smoothness of ice cream, the crispness of frozen Belgian or white chocolate, and the glossiness of a sweet sauce, all rolled into one tub.

Those who pile on the toppings in their ice cream are also bound to enjoy the range’s flavor explosions of ‘Coconut Caramel Chocolate’, ‘Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate’, and ‘Vanilla Caramel White Chocolate’.

According to food blog The Junk Food Aisle, the new selection can be found at select Safeway outlets, so you might want to check out your nearest store. As they say, things come in threes.

Dip your spoon into crispy, creamy, crunchy layers of indulgence with our TRIO CRISPY LAYERS, now available in 3 new flavors.

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Häagen-Dazs Trio Crispy Layers: Coconut Caramel Chocolate, Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate, & Vanilla Caramel White Chocolate! Found at: Safeway ???? #thejunkfoodaisle www.thejunkfoodaisle.com

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