Highlights from Customer Engagement LIVE! Part Two

As you may have read in part one of this blog series, one of the primary objectives of the Customer Response Summit in Austin, Texas last month was to “identify best practices and discuss innovative ideas on how to serve customers through emerging channels.”

Verint hosted an interactive general session at the conference called “Customer Engagement LIVE!” where we grouped executives into discussion groups of seven or eight participants.

The executive breakout groups engaged in conversations around the strategies and execution steps that can help define how customer-centric organizations can enrich interactions, improve business processes, and optimize the workforce. Additional conference goals included:

  • Leaders learning from leaders—tackling the evolving challenges and opportunities that customer professionals face
  • Staying on top of the latest industry trends and taking back actionable ideas that will energize and strengthen customer experience operations.

As part of our conference follow-up, we also recently created an executive summary document that aligns with the goals above. We collected all the input and feedback from the executive breakout groups and organized it into categories. See this September 29 Execs in the Know – Guest Blog Post for the executive summary file, as well as some session highlights.

What were the primary topics that the executives discussed?  Here is the summary of the most common categories that the creative ideas fell into:

  • Omni channel, Digital – 6 ideas
  • Optimize Systems, Processes, Benchmarking – 7
  • Analytics, Big Data – 6
  • Mobile – 5+
  • Customer Experience, Loyalty – 11
  • Employee Engagement and Development – 4

Some of my favorite ideas were leveraging Ted Talks for onsite employee engagement, the “Three Cs” strategy, and several of the mobile-related ideas. Take a look when you have a chance and let us know your favorites by commenting on them through the comments section at the bottom of this blog. Here is the complete summary: Executive Discussion Group – All Notes.

Do you have some creative or best practices ideas to add?  We’d love to hear those, too. We’ll update the file with your submissions—help us continue the conversations!

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