Kendall Jenner Slapped With Trademark Infringement For ‘Pizza Boys’ Project

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Kendall Jenner’s new ‘Pizza Boys’ project is being sued for trademark infringement.

Robert Karageuzian has filed a lawsuit against Jenner, DJ Daniel Chetrit and Apple. Karageuzian is the owner of ‘Pizzaboyzzz’, which is an art collective company in Los Angeles. Karageuzian claimed that he has been using ‘Pizzaboyzzz’ since 2013, and Jenner’s new project is affecting his business.

Jenner’s ‘Pizza Boys’ project consists of a radio show, Instagram account as well as merchandises. Jenner’s has infringed Karageuzian’s trademark due to the similarity in name which has caused an “outraged and confusion among consumers.” Jenner’s @pizzaboys Instagram account also carries the same slogan as Karageuzian, “In Crust We Trust.”

Karageuzian said that his Instagram account was temporarily shut down, after Jenner tried to claim ownership over the brand ‘Pizza Boys’. The lawsuit also stated that those who deactivated the ‘Pizzaboyzzz’s’ Instagram account has caused “significant damaged to Karageuzian.” Karageuzian only managed to recover his account and followers after numerous efforts.

Karageuzian wants Jenner and Chetrit to discontinue using anything similar to the ‘Pizzaboyzzz’ trademark as well as the slogan.

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— Kendall (@KendallJenner) April 13, 2018

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