Take the AWS Security Basics Quest for Free

If you tuned in to our live announcement shows last week, you probably heard the news – the AWS Security Basics Quest is free for a limited time. And it’s not over yet! For the rest of this week, all Academy students, including those with community accounts, can take the Quest on Cloud Assessments at no cost.

The AWS Security Basics Quest is a set of hands-on Challenges that test your skills in security best practices through real-world scenarios. In this Quest, you’ll follow the story of a fictional vacation booking company, Travel Salmon, as they try to resolve the same security issues that real companies face every day. You’ll prove your skills in VPC network security, S3 bucket best practices, and encryption strategies.

We’ve chosen these three areas because they tie back to some of the core principles of security on Amazon Web Services. Network security allows you to configure the communication between parts of a multi-tiered application. S3 buckets are a common source of data leaks in the real world – if you don’t believe me, check the news – and given the service’s popularity, knowing how to secure them is an absolute must. Encryption is becoming more important by the day as legislation finally begins to catch up to technological advance, and compliance is a critical requirement for businesses in just about every industry.

Security is probably the single most important skill you can have when working with complex systems. Time and time again, we see huge companies have their servers hacked or their data leaked due to fundamental errors. That’s not to say security is easy (it’s not!), but it’s as much about practice and habit as it is about knowledge and expertise. Our AWS Security Basics Quest is meant to not only show you what security looks like in practice but also to reinforce the process of doing those “little things” that make your systems secure.

We believe it’s important to teach people how to build and manage systems the right way, and that means following industry best practices when it comes to security. It’s an important part of doing business, and that means it’s an important skill to have when you’re looking to advance your career.

So if you’re ready to get started, you can check out our Quest at no cost for the remainder of the week – all Challenges are available to take for zero gems on Cloud Assessments. After you take each one, be sure to leave a rating and let us know how we’re doing. Your success is our success, and we want to be able to make the best Challenges possible so you can land that next big job or promotion. Good luck!

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