The biggest mistake brands make when targeting moms

“Our target audience is ‘millennial moms,'” the CMO at a major CPG brand might tell their agency team. Yet, in today’s age of digital personalization, generalized media targeting and standard demographic descriptors don’t work like they used to. Smart planning is about honing in on consumers who are most likely to be receptive to your messaging, while still maintaining scale.

So we’re going to let you in on a little secreta faux pas that the CMO in our hypothetical scenario is guilty of: No two moms are alike, and the biggest mistake brands make is clumping them all together. Focusing solely on the “millennial mom,” for example, isn’t a surefire way to authentically connect with all millennial moms, because each mother behaves differently. Sure, millennial mothers might enjoy staying activebut are you more likely to find them at boutique fitness studios or mass-market gyms? Are they brand loyalists or bargain seekers? And is your answer based on a cultural stereotype or real data?

A chief issue that arises when targeting mothers, and any group of consumers for that matter, is that blanket terms are missing the behavioral insights that ideally should be constructing them. As not only a marketer but a mom myself, I know that details like these can make or break a campaign.

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