What are the core aspects of design & coding to educate myself

I’m currently freelancing whilst working a non-creative part-time job, but I’d like to focus in and try and make myself more hireable to a contemporary Design agency. My freelance work is quite spread out across the disciplines, I think – I studied Fine Art at university here in the UK but I’ve always done Graphic Design and Illustrative projects in my spare time, outside of education.

I didn’t have the greatest time at uni. For a start, I chose the wrong course, but I had some pretty bad and previously ignored mental health issues that really reared there head at this time in my life and unfortunately I didn’t seek the help I needed until my course was finished..I managed to scrape by and finish with a 2:2, but never really feeling like I applied myself or used the time anywhere near as wisely as I could have.

So now I’m in a position that I imagine a lot of people are already in – mid-twenties, burdened with student debt and a not-so-useful degree; trying to piece together my future and try and establish a work-life balance that means I can progress and try to work to a point where I can sustain myself creatively whilst not alienating myself from my friends and loved ones.. and also trying to get out the house now and then. I’d absolutely jump at the chance to return to education and properly apply myself to my craft, but that doesn’t seem like a particularly viable option to me, financially, at this point in time.

It’s been a pretty positive start to the year as far as my freelancing goes, but I feel like I need to dedicate some proper time to learning and filling in the gaps which I failed address during university.

There are some requirements that I see on job listings such as proficiency in coding that I’ll really need to brush up on, so I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the core aspects that I’ll need to get to grips with, and any online resources that are available to help me on my way with it?

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