Why do most companies not use GNU/Linux?

Why don't companies use well known stable distro's like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and so on as their daily machines/workstation instead of windows? Why would companies spend lots of money on licenses for computers that just browse a website?

Ofcourse, some companies need Windows to create windows applications, or use Windows only software. Does LibreOffice miss a lot of functionality compared to Microsoft Office?

Same goes for MacOS. But why does the bycicle repair shop or the library workstation not use a Linux machine? Is it not

  • waaay cheaper
  • better for privacy (does not spy on you like Windows 10 does)
  • better for security (let's face it: It's easier to get malware on a windows machine such as ransomware, trojans and so on)
  • more lightweight on
  • easier to update (package manager updates everything, not just the system, but also the browser) ?

What am I missing? Is Linux still that weird server/hacker operating system than no-one knows? What needs to happen to make society (the bulk of 'normal' people) use open source, non (or less) spying operating systems that are functional too!? Or is the answer as simple as : "Windows is preinstalled on most laptops and computers and the average user does not care as long as stuff works" ?

What is your opinion?

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