You Are Still Whole and Unharmed

People will say things with which you disagree. Their opinions and beliefs are different from yours, and they make a point of sharing their opinions with you. In the very worst of cases, they are proselytizing, trying to convert you to their way of thinking. No matter how truculent (fast to argue) they may be, nothing they say will leave a mark on you. You will not be hurt by their words entering your ears. You will still be whole and unharmed.

People will have different politics. It’s a divisive business, now more than ever. No matter what your politics, about half of the people you meet will have different political opinions and preferences. Some will try to argue with you about politics, like your Uncle Ron from Memphis or Uncle Tony from Boston (their differences of opinion may require you sitting them at separate tables at Thanksgiving). No matter their political opinions, how they express them, or how much they love to argue, their beliefs and opinions can’t hurt you. No matter what they say, you are completely unharmed by their opinions.

People possess a range of different value systems, mostly shared by their and the culture in which they were raised. These value systems and beliefs vary widely. It can be difficult to understand why some people appear to be so different from you, as you believe that your ideas are rational and theirs are illogical. To them, you are the person who lacks knowledge and understanding.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are of full of argumentative folks who find significance in trying to put down divergent views. You need not unfriend them or share the other of any argument. Quarreling with others online doesn’t change hearts and minds. Mostly it just divides people further.

No matter how offended or offensive you find someone else’s opinions, politics, or value system, you are not being harmed by their expressing them. If you check your physical state, the balance in your checking account, or the health and welfare of the people you love, you will find that all is exactly as you left it. And since you are whole and unharmed, there is no reason for you to feel as if you are hurt.

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