3 award-winning organizations share their media relations expertise

Attracting the right media attention for your organization is no easy feat.
Establishing a beneficial relationship with the right reporters is just the
beginning. Check out these award-winning organizations for tips on how to
attract attention to your exciting new initiatives, product launches and
major announcements:

Innovation in Media Relations: IBM—Defining Cognitive Creativity with IBM Watson

If your work has a direct tie to a culturally relevant topic or moment,
capitalize on it. Technology giant IBM wanted to address public concern and
anxiety surrounding artificial intelligence. IBM sought to demonstrate its
ability to partner with developers and businesses to introduce truly
creative and practical uses for .

The team settled on key themes of cognitive creativity in the kitchen, on
the fashion runway, at the movies and in the music studio. Each of these
“signature moments” was communicated uniquely but included the consistent
message that Watson augments the human imagination without replacing it.
The campaign produced coverage in more than 500 outlets, resulting in more
than 1 billion impressions. A movie trailer produced using AI was viewed
2.4 million times.

Global Media Relations: Oceana—Global Fishing Watch

Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on
ocean conservation, created a launch campaign that got the attention of
almost 1.8 billion people around the world.

The launch of Global Fishing Watch, a free, real-time tool that allows
users to monitor and track the world’s largest commercial fishing vessels,
generated buzz thanks to publications like The Washington Post and The New
York Times. Established relationships with the news media were a major
bonus for Oceana, but they were also able to attract media to their third
annual “Our Ocean” conference. They secured activist/actor/funder Leonardo
DiCaprio to highlight the launch of Global Fishing Watch, among other
initiatives included in his remarks on the first day of the conference.

Embargoed information sent to journalists and a virtual press kit made the
launch a huge success. It also earned the nonprofit the award for Global
Media Relations.

Campaign of the Year:
—Care Counts Laundry Program

A study that ties into your product or service is a great way to garner
media coverage. Home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool found that one in
five U.S. students struggle with access to clean clothes. To test whether that situation could really cause absenteeism and the
problems associated with it, including dropouts, unemployment and
government assistance, Whirlpool undertook an experiment: It identified 17
schools with high absentee rates and equipped each one with a washer and

In its results, Whirlpool found that “93 percent of participating students
averaged 6.1 more days in school than the previous year” after gaining
access to this resource. The study and its results made for great news
fodder, leading to 409 million impressions in just two days. Among the
coverage: more than 600 earned stories, including four national broadcast
stories, 76 news segments and 53,000 social shares.

Learn more about
PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards.

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