9 types of PR pros based on ‘Avengers’ characters

[Editor’s Note: This article does not contain spoilers for “Avengers:
Infinity War,” but does contain minor spoilers for films including
“Black Panther” and “Doctor Strange.”]

The latest “Avengers” film is a blockbuster.

 that the movie has made $461.4 million domestically, which beats “Avengers:
Age of Ultron” and “Star Wars” and puts it at No. 13 on the
list of films with all-time domestic earning records.
Comicbook.com reported
that analysts are projecting a $1.88 billion global box office total by the
time the film leaves theaters, providing the studio with a profit of
roughly $600 million.

Lucasfilm (also owned by The Walt Disney Company) congratulated Disney’s
Marvel Studios for smashing its former box-office record:

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See which kind of a PR pro you are by checking out this rundown of

Captain America: The leader


Steve Rogers makes an excellent Captain America because he ultimately wants
people around him, along with the rest of the world, to be happy. He’s
loyal and is comfortable both following and giving orders.

If you’re a leader, like Captain America you try your best to relate to
those in your charge—which involves getting to know your clients,
co-workers or employees. You excel at seeing the big picture and are able
to delegate tasks and manage workloads to ensure that no detail is
overlooked and deadlines are met.

Falcon: The technology enthusiast


Sam Wilson worked alongside Captain America to fight evil forces, and
though he had no natural superpowers, his mechanical enabled him to
be an asset to both Rogers and the Avengers.

PR pros who align with Falcon share his love for technology, which comes in
handy when he’s suiting up for battle. Though you won’t have to fight
against Thanos, communicators of all stripes must wrestle for consumers’
attention while also fighting for media coverag—and against fake news and
clickbait. It’s a tall order, so having a command of tools and technologies
that help boost your campaigns gives you an edge against the competition.

Black Widow: The cleaner


Former Russian spy and current Avenger Natasha Romanoff earned her name
from her years of training and talent—along with her critical and
resourceful nature.

If you’re a PR pro who fits this mold, you shine when handling reputational
crises. You’re able to think on your feet—and you have a plan along with
the training to handle any tough communications situation thrown at your
organization or client. Because of that, stressful situations don’t get the
best of you.

Thor: The adventure seeker


Thor Odinson can generally be found in the middle of the action—not
surprising for the Asgardian god of thunder.

PR pros who take after Thor are risk-takers, though you aren’t reckless.
Rather, you’re able to act quickly and thrive on taking chances with your
communications efforts. Some might not turn out as well as you would have
hoped, but you also tend to be on the cutting edge of trends and pave the
way for industry best practices. You also can get bored easily, so ensure
that your work is something you’re passionate about.

Iron Man: The hot shot


Tony Stark, the billionaire behind Iron Man, is a genius—and he’ll be the
first to tell you that. He’s also very charismatic, so his boasts fit his
playboy-type personality.

PR pros who follow in Stark’s footsteps can create amazing campaigns,
especially based on current trends and data. You’re able to strategically
think through a plethora of problems and inject creativity to make your
efforts pop. You also excel when you talk to co-workers, journalists and
clients. However, beware: Too much self-aggrandizement can hurt your
relationships, no matter how awesome your work.

Black Panther: The passionate idealist


T’Challa took his place as heir to the Wakanda throne and worked to unite
the tribes that made up the nation—but he faced stumbling blocks along the
way (namely, Killmonger challenging him for the throne and ultimately
threatening the fate of his people).

If you’re like T’Challa, you are fiercely loyal to the cause(s) in which
you believe and are passionate about. You’re probably a PR pro who works
for a non-profit or similar type of organization, as your sensitivity to
others, altruism and idealism can make you a great visionary. Don’t forget
to be practical, as well: Look at the data and don’t forget to see the big
picture in your campaigns.

Star Lord: The creative


Peter Quill is not a conventional superhero. His Spartoi and human genetics
give him a unique background, and his history as a Ravager adds experiences
to what was already a creative mind. He’s known to use unorthodox methods
to meet his goals—including distracting a foe with a dance battle.

PR pros who take after Quill are creative and often full of ideas. You’re a
highly coveted member of brainstorming sessions—though your enthusiasm for
a particular idea might need to be tempered with a dose of reality. You
work well with other creatives and often enjoy new challenges and

Doctor Strange: The intellectual


Dr. Stephen Strange was an incredibly talented and smart surgeon before he
became Sorcerer Supreme and guardian of the Time Stone. However, his
arrogance affected his relationships and, with his accident,
nearly destroyed him until he accepted the Ancient One’s teachings.

PR pros with personalities similar to Doctor Strange are intellectual and
quick to learn new methods of communication. As one who prizes logic,
you’re probably a communicator who works with the numbers—whether that’s
through statistics, social media metrics, general data sets or figuring out
which strategies will net you the most ROI. You might have a hard time
explaining your findings to co-workers, executives and clients,
however—unless you can understand their desires and present your findings
in relatable ways.

The Hulk: The intuitive emotionalist


Though Bruce Banner is a talented physicist, he might be best known for his
alter ego, the Hulk. The Hulk has immense power, but little self-control.
That is, however, until Banner learned to recognize the stressors that
would make his alter ego appear and harness the Hulk to help him fight
alongside the Avengers.

If you’re similar to Banner, you’re a PR pro who is an outstanding
analyst—whether that comes in the form of understanding and better
targeting audiences or deciphering what the numbers mean to relay what
worked in a campaign and what should be changed for the future. You can
greatly benefit from breaks so you can destress and better control your
emotions (try digital detoxing every once in a while).

Which of these Avengers are you, PR Daily readers? Who would you
add to the list?

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