Energizing Campaign Fights For Illustrators To Always Get Paid For Their Work

Image by Nishant Choksi for Price is Right

Even with the growing demand for creatives, payment continues to be an issue. Many artists aren’t just being asked to work for free, some also see their illustrations being used without permission by large companies, who often get away with theft scot-free.

The Association of Illustrations (AOI) sees how artists aren’t always remunerated as much as they deserve, and has launched the welcomed ‘Price It Right’ campaign to encourage both illustrators and commissioners to understand the value of artworks and price them confidently.

AOI believes that if illustrators remain uncertain about their quotations and commissioners continue to devalue projects, it could result in the licensing model being written off entirely.

“Over time, this means illustration is an unsustainable career for individuals and the wealth of talent commissioners draw on evaporates.”

Illustrator Jill Calder recalls, “I’ve learned over the years never to be rushed into making a pricing decision. Certainly don’t start quoting figures verbally, [or] off the top of your head as soon as you’ve been contacted about a job.”

“Do your research, get advice, compare with other jobs you’ve done, and be sure to get as much information from your client about the potential job so you can quote more accurately—and tell them that.”

To be part of the program, you can download the ‘Price It Right’ logo for free and display it on your portfolio or social media profiles to let commissioners know that you welcome fair, transparent payments. Illustrators who aren’t sure of their prices can also contact AOI for advice.

“If you present your quote confidently and clearly laid out,” Calder continues, “It will be taken more seriously and more likely to be accepted.”

Image by Nishant Choksi for Price is Right

[via AOI]


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