Getting Started With Runway for WordPress

In this tutorial I’m going to show you a really fast way of creating WordPress themes. 

If you’re developing WordPress themes with any regularity you’ll know that using a framework to start each time is a huge advantage. Doing so will give you a clean slate for every theme, whilst preventing you having to start from scratch and repeat the foundational work for each one.

Runway is just such a framework. It’s 100% free, open source, and packed with really nice features. Let’s dig in!

How to Use Runway


Head over to the Runway website, hit the prominent download button, and you’ll be given a zip file to unpack.

To use the framework you’ll need a working WordPress installation (preferably either local or on a development server). For this tutorial I’ll assume you have an understanding of the steps required to setup WordPress, but try this free course if you need help:

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