Google Drive Is Next To Take On The Brand’s Fresh Visual Identity

Image via G Suite

Google has made several tweaks to its design language, ‘Material Design’, this year. Having just unveiled a “major” revamp of Gmail, it has now rolled out some visual changes to another G Suite tool, Google Drive.

“There’s no change in functionality,” the company assures. “But some icons and buttons have moved, and there’s a range of visual tweaks to align with Google’s latest material design principles.”

Aside from the facelifts, the tech giant recently introduced ‘Material Theming’, which lets brands and developers automate fonts, colors, and shapes across their entire UI in a matter of clicks. Google made itself the first user of the app, and the thorough redesign of its entire interface is testament to the convenience and efficiency of the tool.

Check out some design changes G Suite made to Google Drive, and read more about the new look over at its blog post.

Before and after screenshots of Google Drive. Image by G Suite via GIPHY

The logo on the top left has been changed to show Google Drive’s brandmark. If you’ve been using a custom logo, it’s been shifted to the right.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image via G Suite

The ‘Settings’ and ‘Help Center’ icons have been shifted in line with the search bar, so you can access them more easily.

Image via G Suite

Google Drive’s background is now white instead of gray. Its font has been swapped to match the Google logo’s mobile-friendly typeface, and its ‘New’ button features all four colors of the wordmark.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image via G Suite

Image via Material Design

Users are expected to see the new changes in the coming days. How are you liking the “rounder” and lighter look?

[via G Suite Updates]


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