Heads Up: 7 Up’s Award-Winning Branding & Packaging Design

In 2017, 7 Up set out to create a brand for the company’s new sparkling portfolio—a better-for-you beverage that, at just 70 calories per can, would appeal to health-conscious millennials. The result was Lemon Lemon, a global brand and premium sparkling lemonade in which sparkling water, 6% lemon juice and a touch of sweetness come together for fresh, fizzy goodness.

The in-house team, led by senior design manager Stephen Bramwell and senior marketing manager Sophie Ho, worked with outside agency Chandelier Creative to complete the yearlong project. “We were able to create a holistic approach to the brand and a 360-degree visual language,” Ho says. “This influenced all the visuals at various touch points—across packaging, lifestyle photography, environments, social media assets, etc.”

Lemon Lemon references 7 Up’s rich lemon-lime heritage with a fresh and contemporary style. The visual language combines the nostalgic appeal of lemonade with whimsical and modern design elements. The bright color palette is based on the colors of real fruit, and the bold stripes are the backdrop to the Lemon Lemon universe, creating a sense of flow and movement, which helps the packaging pop off the shelf. The playfulness of the logo, bubbles and classic styling of the brand evoke timeless fun and enjoyment.

Known simply as Lemon Lemon in the North American market, the repetition of the wording signifies a celebration of friendship and a “lemon state of mind” where the consumer disconnects in order to connect with those who matter most.

“Like any design, we went through multiple rounds of feedback,” Bramwell says. “We had many discussions about how to leverage stripes in a unique and ownable way so that consumers ultimately instantly recognize Lemon Lemon and understand the world of sparkling lemonade we are creating.”

The creative team says that customers do immediately understand the brand and that it resonates with the target consumer because the design is appealing and fun. “We’ve brought it to life through many brand activations including Milan Design Week, a picnic on a yacht in New York City, various picnic events for the Lemon Lemon launch in Paris and Toronto, an event at the Cannes Film Festival and more,” Ho says.


“Packaging can be a challenging medium for an innovation to stand out, and especially for a well-known brand,” says 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards judge Ximena O’Reilly. “This design pops, cueing summer, nostalgia and simplicity in every visual detail—and does so while cleverly allowing the brand to exist with or without its 7 Up endorser.”

Title 7UP Lemon Lemon | Company/Organization PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City; http://design.pepsico.com | Creative Team PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Chandelier Creative

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