Hello guys, thinking of going for UX/UI field!

Hello, I'm a 26 year old man who battled chronic depression, graduated with degree in mechanical engineering in 2016, low gpa and no internship and have only been working as sales associate in retail which I quite recently. I've always been interested in art, visual, technology, using creativity which attracted me to this field. I have some questions for you guys for clarification;

  1. As I said I'm interested more in the ui field especially mobile app medium but in the job postings, I don't see much ui designers but most of them are ux/ui designers. Are we expected to do the job of both ux and ui area these days? I guess ux is more lucrative?

  2. As paying off student loan, paying big money for going bachelors in ux or bootcamp is not really option for me now so I'm thinking of going self-taught which seems harder. I'm thinking of first taking this edx courses which are free or paid if you want to be certified.


I've also heard of the designlab which many people seem to be talking about and each course seems to cost around $399 which I may be able to pay for few of them. I'm a bit troubled if this is worth it and which one I should be going for in my case… http://trydesignlab.com/courses/

  1. I ready to put my all in this, using whatever time I have everyday to learn and wish to put around 10+ hours each day if possible. Is it unreasonable to finish studying and get portfolio ready at the end of this year and start applying?

  2. As someone's who's an introvert and have some social anxiety, would this career still be a viable plan? I still wanna break through and hopefully this will change me personally as well.

  3. Any advice you could give me other than the courses I've provided?

thank you

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