How Can AI Benefit HR Management?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up frequently in HR-related literature as holding the potential to offer big benefits for many types of organizations and roles, including human resource management. A TLNT article offers four specific applications.

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Four Big Benefits of AI

Laura Mather points to some clear and specific applications of AI to help streamline processes, generate intelligence, and boost productivity. Here’s a look:

  • Better job descriptions. There’s a clear disconnect between what’s included in job descriptions and the realities of most jobs. In addition, the language used may inadvertently convey negative connotations about the job and the organizational environment or reflect bias. AI, writes Mather, can be used to “help flag terms that might project a culture that is unfriendly to certain people.”
  • Résumé review. AI can be, and increasingly is being, used for résumé review, a natural application of the technology. It takes time to review résumés, especially for high-demand positions in top companies. AI can aid this review from both a time and a quality perspective, quickly identifying those résumés that are most closely aligned with the requirements of a position.
  • Can machines make better hiring decisions than people? Arguably, yes. According to Mather, “Researchshows that algorithms can outperform humans in hiring the best talent by ignoring inconsequential information like the strength of a handshake that can sway a hiring manager.”
  • Structuring an interview. Asking the right questions of candidates during interviews is clearly important in terms of ensuring alignment of knowledge, skills, and abilities with the requirements of the position. AI can be helpful in creating structured interviews that can both better determine how well a candidate will do while on the job and ease the burden on hiring and talent acquisition managers to structure effective interviews.

These four ideas are likely just the tip of the iceberg, of course. But they can serve as a jumping-off point for discussions around other ways that this technology can help increase efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace.

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