Infographic: Common Logo Design Brief Descriptors & How They Might Differ

Image by Peper Pascual and featured with permission

What might clients mean when they tell you to keep a design “young but not too playful,” or “classic with a feminine touch?”

To help make these tricky descriptors seem less paradoxical for fellow creatives, Peper Pascual—owner of the Logo Designers of the Philippines group—has together a handy infographic showing how he perceives various terms often used in logo design briefs.

Pascual emphasizes that how he reads into such adjectives is relative, and that the drawings below are also influenced by his familiarity with the genres.

“I will not claim that this is the most perfect interpretation for everyone,” he told DesignTAXI. “For example… geometric logos are commonly executed using polygonal shapes, which are not my style, so I intentionally avoided that type of illustration.”

Still, his guide serves as a good gauge of how you might want to create logos of varying extremes.

Pascual owns the only logo design Facebook group in the Philippines. Follow it here, and check out Pascual’s Dribbble, Instagram, and Facebook for more of his works.

Click to enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image by Peper Pascual and featured with permission

[Image by Peper Pascual and featured with permission]


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