My Performance Sucks because I’m Pregnant.

I have just read your recent HR post regarding a pregnant woman who is under-performing at her position. This has triggered a few questions from myself.

I am in my first trimester of my pregnancy, the past 3 to 4 weeks have been hell, (that’s putting it nicely!) I’ve struggled with work, as I’m based from home most of the time my lunch breaks tend to last longer than they should and my start times probably aren’t quite as punctual as they should be. I’ll put it bluntly, I’m exhausted and I feel like utter rubbish.

I’m scraping by and performing the bare minimum of my role, but compared to post pregnant me I’m severely under-performing and I’m aware of this and don’t know how to stop this downward spiral. I’m sure it will pick up…eventually.

My managers and HR are aware that I am pregnant, and my boss seems very understanding. My concern is I will be due to work away from home for 4 nights a week, from next week. So my extended lunchtime nap’s won’t be possible. I don’t feel although I want to call in sick (even though I could sleep all day!) but I also don’t want to feel like I am dragging the company down.

How much reasonable changes can I expect during my pregnancy? And what is the best thing that I can do to highlight this struggle with my managers and HR?

To read my answer, click here: My Performance Sucks because I’m Pregnant.

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