Plaid fight: Burberry sues Target over that trademark check

’s signature scarves are showing up on the wrong shelvesor at least copies of them are, and without the storied U.K. brand’s permission, the retailer alleged in a recent lawsuit. Filed by Burberry against Minneapolis-based retailer Target, the suit claims the company copied its trademarked plaid on eyewear, luggage, stainless-steel bottles and scarves.

“Despite being aware of Burberry’s exclusive trademark rights, Target nevertheless has repeatedly infringed these rights by selling a variety of products bearing close imitations and counterfeits of the Burberry Check trademark,” reads the suit, filed in the Southern District of New York court earlier this month. “Target’s conduct is willful, intentional and represents a conscious disregard for Burberry’s rights in the Burberry Check trademark and a calculated decision to misappropriate the enormous goodwill represented by the Burberry Check trademark,” the suit alleges.

According to the lawsuit, Burberry first sent Target a cease-and-desist letter in early 2017. By December of last year, the high-end brand was still finding the copycat wares on the lower-end retailer’s shelves. Burberry’s checked pattern is a federally registered trademark in red, camel and black-and-white, and has been in circulation since the 1920s. The company said it has “invested significant time, energy and money advertising, promoting and selling merchandise featuring the Burberry Check trademark.”

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