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Purchased a "MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)" January 2017.

I vaguely remember turning on filevault pretty much right away as I knew I wanted it enabled.

Now I can't remember whether I went with the option or the recovery key option. I would have noted this down but checked in all the places I could find and haven't found a recovery key.

Everything is ok, but I was doing an audit and realised I can't remember which option was used when it was enabled and don't want to leave it until it's too late for find out I'm locked out of my data.

I note that in the security & > filevault screen is says the following:-

WARNING: Your login password is required to decrypt your data. Your iCloud account can be used to unlock your disk and reset your login password if you forget it.

Presumably the latter part of that sentence (in bold) wouldn't show up for users using the recovery key method, they would I guess get a message about using their recovery key?

Would someone be able to confirm that for me, it would be good to know which option I went for when I turned on filevault as it's not immediately obvious on that screen. I would have thought they'd make it a bit more clearer.

If I am indeed using the iCloud option can anyone tell me how I go about confirming which iCloud account I use to reset that password? I have only one account on the computer, I'm guessing it's the registered email address that pops up when I go to iCloud under system preferences eh?

I ask this because if I've gone the recovery key method and don't have a record of it, I guess I'm going to need to turn off filevault, wait for it to decrypt, only to turn it back on and this time make damn sure I have it noted and stored somewhere safely.

So to summarise:

  • How do I tell which option of filevault did I use? (iCloud or recovery key)

  • If iCloud, then how can I tell which account is associated with filevault?

  • If recovery key method, as far as I know there's no method of regenerating the recovery key but for turning off filevault, waiting for decryption to complete and then turning it back on?

Many thanks.

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