Royal Wedding-Themed Plate Design Shows Meghan Markle And…Ed Sheeran

The British are anticipating the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19 May.

Everyone is gearing up for the event and building the festive spirit to celebrate the joyous occasion, including one particular UK-based online shop, which has created a Royal Wedding-themed plate to highlight the nuptials of Meghan Markle, but not of her royal fiancé.

The design has, unfortunately, mixed up two famous gingers in Britain—Prince Harry and singer Ed Sheeran.

The dish, which costs £25 ($34), comes with a description that reads, “Celebrate THE wedding of the year with this beautiful china plate featuring the portraits of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.”

“Whether you choose to eat your toast and Marmite (Harry’s favourite snack) from it, or hang it on your wall, this plate won’t fail to raise a smile and evoke pride in our country’s most cherished couple.”

Loving all the #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle #RoyalWedding2018 memorabilia. Just think some companies should do a little more research first 😂😂😂

— The Royal Chef (@DarrenMcGrady) April 9, 2018

They had one job LOL

— ♻CleanOceanEnergy♻ (@CleanOEnergy) April 14, 2018

[via Standard, opening image via ModernChintz]


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