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In this expert sales interview, learn about:
High Payoff Activities and how to use them
What top earners use to close more

High Payoff Activities (HPA)

Daly introduces the idea of “high payoff activities,” or HPA. Each individual has 168 per week. However, some people are using their 168 hours better than others. It is estimated that a salesperson spends more than 50% of her or his time on these non-essential tasks. To fully take advantage of all 168 hours, delegate these activities to an assistant, and focus your time on what will generate income. “If you follow this discipline, you will generate more revenue,” said Daly.

Playbook vs. Style

“The majority of salespeople don’t want to use a sales book because they don’t want to be managed, they want to be loose and free. They think the style thing works for them,” said Daly. But, it is clear that having a playbook works. When looking at the top 10% of earners in the sales world, they make a disproportionately larger number of sales. Examining further, it is because these salespeople are selling with a playbook. They could get the same objection on four different calls, and would counter it with the same response each time. They understand the systems and processes that are happening in the sales call, and choose to use the playbook over their own style to close deals and make more money.

Make 10x More

Daly tells the story of an Australian salesman who attended his seminars for the last four years. This man said that when he started going to the seminars, he was making $87,000 as a commission only salesperson. After four years, he had surpassed his previous income more than tenfold and was taking home over $1,000,000 per year. When Daly asked him how the salesperson accomplished such an enormous feat, he said that his most important switch was focusing on how he could use his 168 hours for more high payoff activities.

Practice Makes Perfect

What sports team would turn up without having practiced, or without going over the playbook? What performer would go on stage without rehearsing? People who are at the top of their field practice regularly to continually get better at their craft. The same is necessary with selling, and yet many salespeople neglect to practice, role play, or intentionally do things to improve. It isn’t enough just to have a playbook, it’s equally important to practice what’s in the playbook.

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