The Worst Career Advice Real People Received

While there are plenty of books, blogs, and podcasts about how to have a great career, but most of us get advice from people in our daily lives. Sometimes this advice is great and sometimes it’s terrible. I asked my readers to share the worst career advice they have received. Follow this advice at your own risk.

  • The squeaky wheel gets the grease – if you really want the job: call, call, call! Call every day, then they’ll know who you are. And now, since I hire, I know that they’ll know who you are so they DON’T hire you. Worst advice.
  • The worst career advice I have ever gotten was to be passive aggressive towards co-workers. Horrible advice, not to mention super unprofessional!
  • “Go along to get along.” If employers really wanted robots for them, they would use robots. Sometimes, the best interests of both the company and the individual employee require the employee to speak up, to suggest an improvement to a -existing process, or even to outright oppose something.

You may recognize this bad advice because it came from you! It was too fabulous to leave in the comments section, so I had to share it!

To read the list, click here: The Worst Career Advice Real People Received

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