UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 106: Designing Decentralized Apps with Matt Cyrankiewicz

Portrait of Matt Cyrankiewicz

What does the world of decentralized apps (dapps) hold for us? Our guest today is Matt Cyrankiewicz — a designer, creative director and founder at HOO KOO E KOO. Matt explains how dapps work, what makes them so challenging UX-wise, and shares his insights on the future of this exciting ecosystem.

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Show Notes

  • HOO KOO E KOO — Matt’s digital product studio
  • Decentralized application (dapp), distributed ledger, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) — Wikipedia articles
  • Is Coinbase creating a centralized or decentralized financial system?
  • Hashgraph wants to give you the benefits of blockchain without the limitations
  • CryptoKitties — a famous game using blockchain technology
  • MetaMask, Ethereum — other blockchain projects mentioned
  • Venmo — a popular money transfer service
  • Understanding off-chain transactions in blockchain for fun and profit
  • AxiomZen — a studio behind CryptoKitties
  • Dissecting the Ethereum whitepaper in four minutes
  • The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency — an interview with Nick Szabo by Tim Ferriss
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