Unique McDonald’s Items Worldwide That Will Make Yours Seem Like A Small Fry

Images via Wikimedia Commons, McDonald’s Philippines and McDonald’s India

There’s probably nothing more comforting than McDonald’s on a bad day. Surprisingly, what you grew up eating might differ vastly from the meals served at the chain’s restaurants in 118 other countries.

To appease global citizens, McDonald’s has recently opened a location in Chicago that serves items from around the world. Everyone living elsewhere might have to continue salivating in their dreams.

If you’re curious, Chowhound has created a list showing 10 unique items that are available in outlets outside the United States.

Feast your eyes on six surprising menu items and head here if you are starving for more.

‘Veg Pizza McPuff’, India

Image via McDonald’s India

‘Mixed Veggies & Egg Mini Twisty Pasta’, Hong Kong

Image via McDonald’s Hong Kong

‘Filet ’o Shrimp’, Japan

Image via McDonald’s Japan

‘Date & Custard Pie’, Egypt

Image via McDonald’s Egypt

‘Bubur Ayam McD’ (chicken rice porridge), Malaysia

Image via McDonald’s Malaysia

‘Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti’, Philippines

Image via McDonald’s Philippines

Check out four more unexpected McDonald’s menu items over at Chowhound.

[via Chowhound, images via various sources]


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