Washington Post’s Attack Article on Google Duplex made me throw Alexa in the trash!


The most shocking thing to me was the article was written in The Washington Post OWNED BY JEFF BEZOS and there wasn't a single disclosure, "Oh yeah, by the way, the dude who owns us has 'doubled down on Alexa,' which now seems about as outdated as H.A.L!

Really, has journalism come to this?

"Alexa fart…"

"Alexa tell me a joke."

"Alexa how come you can't even respond to thank you?"

"Alexa how about you STOP ASKING ME if I want more suggestions sent to my cell phone."

How DARE the Washington Post suggest some ethical line as been crossed, while Amazon VR of Alexa engine was quoted in November saying, "“To truly realise that vision, you’ll want a number of things,” he said.

“You’ll want to have it everywhere, be able to talk to it from anywhere, be able for it to do all of the things you would want an intelligent assistant do for you, and ultimately do it in a very conversational way.”

He added: “If we can actually get to the point where it’s truly conversational and equivalent to speaking to another human, anyone will be able to interact with it effectively. You ’t have to learn how to use a touchscreen or how to use an app. You just speak to it.”

Sorry for the book but I'm tossing my echo in the trash.

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