With the new release of Firefox 60.0, I may finally have a new default browser.

I've loved using Firefox ever since they revamped the UI with Quantum. Unfortunately, my CPU didn't feel the same way. Just having 3-4 tabs open was enough to get my fan running at high rpm, so I've been having to limit my usage. I typically use my MBP while connected to an LG Ultrafine 4K, which probably has contributed to my high CPU temp, but nonetheless I've had to keep my firefox usage to a minimum.

I've had version 60.0 installed for about 12 hours now, and so far I'm incredibly pleased. As I type this, I've got about 8 tabs running (4 reddit w/ RES, one youtube, three misc. articles) and my MBP is silent. My CPU temp is averaging at about 65c, which is honestly shocking considering how hot it used to be. I have heard my fan a few times, but only for a few seconds after loading several tabs in quick succession. Before the update, my fan would run the majority of the time I was browsing.

Looking into the patch details, I noticed that they added a new Quantum CSS engine, which I believe to be the main contributor to performance increase. TL;DR: this engine renders webpages faster by utilizing multiple CPU cores in parallel with one another. While I'm no computer science genius, I do know that many applications have yet to adopt this practice, so it's great to see Firefox taking a step forward. I pulled up the CPU usage chart in activity monitor while browsing today, and watching each core function in conjunction with one another is pretty cool.

Firefox is snappier than ever, and it's definitely worth looking into. If you haven't given it a shot yet, give it a try. Also, to anyone running 60.0 right now, how has your experience been?

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