Artist’s Free Guide Shows How She Gained 100K Instagram Followers In Months

Image by Stray Curls and featured with permission

Creatives might view as an overcrowded platform, but leveraging the app might not be as difficult as you think—some users have brilliantly turned their accounts into fully-functioning portfolios.

One artist willing to divulge her secrets is Bangalore-based illustrator Angela Vaz, who goes by her pen name, ‘Stray Curls’. Vaz started her Instagram account a little over a year ago, and now has nearly 180,000 followers.

To encourage creative souls who might feel jaded from a seemingly saturated market, the illustrator has created a comprehensive guide showing how she earned 100,000 fans in a matter of months.

“I created an Instagram account sometime in December 2016. But I only really started posting sometime around June 2017,” she described. “I built my following from scratch. It took me two months to touch 10,000 followers. And once I hit that mark, getting to 100,000 was easy-peasy.”

The blog post covers just about every question an artist or designer might ask themselves when using Instagram for work purposes, down to how to choose a username and the best times to upload posts.

For example, since Vaz’s comics are primarily about her wavy locks, she adopted the handle, ‘straycurls’. “[P]eople will think of hair the second they read it. It was ‘@maryangela1992’ before. Not very attractive to be honest. It looked amateurish. And changing the name definitely helped me attract a more stable audience.”

Read the full guide and check out some of Vaz’s colorful illustrations over at her Instagram.

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[Cover image by Stray Curls and featured with permission]


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