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Dear all,

I would very much appreciate a career advice from someone who is more experienced in the field of AI.

I have received my PhD with the main focus in evolutionary computation (EC) applied in phylogenetics. Apart from EC, the project involved learning Bayesian statistics, sampling methods, etc. I would very much like to continue research in AI by broadening my field of expertise to automatic discovery of NN architectures, reinforcement learning, language synthesis (computers inventing their own languages).

I have found that it is hard to find a good lab or research company that will accept my application since I have no experience yet in aforementioned fields, I have started searching for places that will give me a broader training in AI. I got an offer from a big consultancy company and their team that focuses on industrial application of AI techniques.

My question is will accepting industrial consultancy work hamper my career prospects in moving to AI research in the future? What is your experience and career paths that took you to your research positions? All replies will be immensely appreciated.

tldr: Will consultancy job in AI make future prospects in research more difficult, for a freshly graduated PhD?

Thank you

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