Cornetto Redesigns Logo And Packaging For A Younger, Fresher Look

Old logo (left) VS new logo (right). Images via Cornetto Global and Cornetto UK

Ice cream brand Cornetto has gone vanilla—in the best way possible—with its logo, color palette, and packaging.

The company is owned by UK-based Wall’s, who is parented by Unilever, and will turn 60 next year. It introduced a method of insulating cones with chocolate, oil and sugar, preventing ice cream from leaking out during production.

Cornetto aims to hit the sweet spot of younger consumers by commissioning branding agency Design Bridge to revamp its identity and make it appear “younger and fresher.”

The new logotype is a pared-back, redrawn version of the iconic white-and-brown branding. It also features a screen-printed effect that interacts with its surroundings by “fading” ever-so-slightly into its packaging.

The ice cream’s box and wrapper have been simplified to show one central color to indicate its flavor. Photos of the product’s cone have also been applied on the wrapper to mirror its contents.

“We kept the ‘creaminess’ and fluidity of the logo but made it simpler to give it a younger, fresher feel,” explained Mike Stride, creative director at Design Bridge. “We stripped it of its synthetic and artificial effects [and] this is combined with a new, natural texture on pack that adds a further sense of realness and tactility to the design.”

Since Wall’s heart symbol is appearing more regularly on the brand’s communications, Cornetto’s color palette has been reduced to four hues that are blue, white, red and gold.

The new playful look is currently making its way to Cornetto’s global online channels, , and packaging. Would you scream for this ice cream?

Old packaging

Image via Cornetto Global and Amazon UK

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The Cornetto trilogy. Does it get any better?

Posted by Cornetto on Friday, October 18, 2013

New packaging

Image via Wall’s Ice Cream

Image via Wall’s Ice Cream

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Image via Cornetto

[via Design Week, images via various sources]


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