FB Disapproval Reasons Full List

FB Disapproval Reasons Full List

FB Disapproval Reasons Full List

“While doing some digging into the Page history feature that Facebook is testing, I came across this in their code…a full & current list of current ad disapproval reasons.”

(POP campaigns) What Hour Do You Usually Launch Campaigns to Test?

“Should you never launch a pop campaign for testing during your geo’s night time and early waking hours?” See the informative answers that ensued.

Popads Dead for Traffic? Only Ever Trickles, Never Volume

A member is frustrated about the low traffic levels they’re getting from PopAds. The community shares their insights on the topic.

Balancing “Statistical Significance” and “Banner Burnout”?

Lots of good tips from the veterans.

WeQ are hiring in Japan & Russia!

Experts in mobile ad tech, WeQ are looking to hire for two roles in Japan and Russian to help drive user acquisition and engagement at a global scale.

Wide Markets are seeking an eCom Advertising Manager

Wide Markets ltd are after an Advertising Manager (m/f) for their new offices in NY and CA, USA. The role entails executing and managing user acquisition partnerships with leading Apparel & Fashion eCommerce stores.

Ending Soon: Digital Remedy are seeking an Affiliate Account Manager

Digital Remedy need a Affiliate Account Manager in NYC to run diverse Direct Response accounts and affiliate networks which deliver cross-channel performance marketing strategies across a myriad of DSP, social media and digital platforms.


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