Forget ‘Yanny VS Laurel’, ‘Brainstorm VS Green Needle’ Will Truly Blow Your Mind

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Screenshots via DosmRider and sirvinnyd

Despite still reeling from the confusing ‘Yanny VS Laurel’ debate, the internet has been thrown another audio illusion that is probably even more absurd.

A mind-blowing clip shared by Twitter user ‘sirvinnyd’ is stumping netizens on a new . While most had very strong inclinations towards what they witnessed in ‘The Dress’ and ‘Yanny VS Laurel’, they’re probably less sure with this version.

According to ‘sirvinnyd’, the audio clip will play either words “brainstorm” or “green needle” based on which of these you think of.

The original audio came from a Ben 10 toy review by YouTuber ‘DosmRider’. In case you’re wondering, the figurine is saying his name, ‘Brainstorm’.

This illusion is living proof that the placebo effect is real, powerful, and sometimes manipulative. Now you’ve seen—and heard—everything.

Get ready to be truly mind-blown in the video below.

if you think of the word “brainstorm” you hear the word brainstorm. if you think of the words “green needle” you hear green needle.

— Vinny Skywalker (@sirvinnyd) May 17, 2018

Original clip

— liv dubs (@dubroskiii) May 17, 2018

apparently you can also hear brain needle and green storm too

— Vinny Skywalker (@sirvinnyd) May 17, 2018

please get this away from me

— keats (@keatonmiranda) May 17, 2018

But they’re not even the same number of syllables 😫😫😫

— Anna Adams (@AdamSannar) May 17, 2018

Enjoy Hell, devil sorcerer.

— Jesus Christ (@SonOfGodAndMan) May 17, 2018

I just yelled at my touchscreen

— Monica Byrne (@monicabyrne13) May 17, 2018

[via BuzzFeed, cover image via sirvinnyd]


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