Important fire safety and prevention tips for the home

Today, fire hazards are home are very unlikely thanks to modern architecture and the many appliances that make life so much easier than ever before. There still remain a few odd cases where a gas cylinder could explode or curtains catch fire. Sometimes, extreme weather conditions or electrical issues can cause fires. Most MEDC’s even LEDC’s have effective public service systems, with firemen around the corner to assist and rescue in case a dangerous situation gets out of hand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, maybe take little stress of the hard working firemen. Although the risk is considerably lower, mishaps at home do lead to fatal fire hazards that destroy property and risk lives.

Here are a few reasons for common fire hazards and a few tips to prevent dangerous situations;

• Cooking fires can be easily avoided. Make sure that you pay attention to every step in the kitchen, especially when you’re working with fire. Never leave a stove unattended, do not allow children to meddle around in the kitchen unsupervised and always switch off the gas inlet when not in use.

• Heating systems, if at home, should be a matter of concern even when the system is not on. This is because; heating systems tend to cause fires even if there are any other electrical issues around the home. Ensure, that the heating system is always serviced and aware that overuse of the heating system could result in minor fires that could easily blow out of proportion. Change the furnace filter regularly and keep flammable things away from it too. This way you wont have to worry about overheating your house.

• Electrical fires pose as a serious concern in places where bad engineering and architecture can put your household at risk. It is important to insulate every electrical circuit and contain the framework within a well-designed structure made of the right kind of material. Besides that, regulating electricity and constantly checking your meter for any suspicious activity can reduce the risks in half. Also, make sure you don’t keep too many devices connected to the power charge for too long. If the electricity at your home doesn’t start a fire, your devices will. It is crucial to keep plug points and wires a safe distance away from little kids who are likely to stuff things into the ports. Also make sure that when your electrician comes over, he gets a through checkup of the electrical layout in your home and inspect all the wiring. If you aren’t too confident about your knowledge in electricity and insulation, it’s always better to seek help form the professionals.

• Smoking causes cancer and fires. Smoking at home, not putting a cigarette out or stubbing buds in the wrong place could make your home prone to fires. If you are a smoker, enjoy the outdoors or a quiet place where you won’t put anybody in danger. This is also because smoke can get easily tapped indoors and causes a bad inconvenience, or even taints the neat walls. Lighting a match and throwing it on dry grass could set your whole yard on fire in seconds. The same works for a lit cigarette. If you are a smoker, don’t let your habit put your home at risk.

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