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So, I’m nearly at the halfway mark for a bachelors in graphic design at my local university. I’ve switched majors a couple times so I’m already in a good amount of debt. I’m having a lot of doubt because looking at the plan, most of the classes don’t seem like they will teach me what I really need to know (as far as web design/coding) and i feel like if I’m going to continue to get myself into all this debt, I really want a vast knowledge in actual job related skills. There is a community college near my home and I was looking at the programs there and they have an associate degree program for graphic design that is significantly cheaper and also a certificate in web design. All of their classes seem pretty straight forward as far as teaching the computer side of design, whereas the classes at my university are more geared towards print, drawing, sculpting, and a bunch of other random classes which I’m sure will help, but don’t seem very important for the price I’m paying. Basically, I want to know if a bachelors is worth it for a career in graphic design, or if I should stick to a cheaper and faster route of an associates degree or certificate. I understand that the quality of your portfolio is really what determines the job you end up with, but I’m not sure if it outweighs the amount of formal education you have.. so any advice or past experience you guys could share would really be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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