Wholly Plant-Based Veggie ‘Steak’ Resembling Juicy, Juicy Beef Will Confuse You

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Image via Vivera

If you thought you were looking at a slab of meat, that would be a big mis-steak. To rival the “pork,” scrambled “eggs” and sausages that are tripping up the vegan food market, a manufacturer has created the vegan version of a carnivore’s dream: a juicy steak.

After one-and-a-half years of research and development, Dutch-based Vivera has launched a ‘Veggie Steak’ that’s dubbed the “world’s first” authentic-tasting steak made from 100% vegetables.

“[Other] meat substitutes lack the texture of steak,” said Gert Jan Gombert, sales manager at Vivera. “The juices have to run when you take a bite. It’s not for nothing we consider it ‘the Holy Grail’ of meat substitutes.”

Interestingly, the creators of this product claim it’s made with a different technique than those used for other plant-based “meats,” which typically involve pressing heated soy or wheat out of a tube. For that reason, they’re pretty secretive about the recipe, and the closest you can get to it is the ingredient list on the packaging.

Vivera used filet and sirloin steaks as references for the structural integrity of the ‘Veggie Steak’, which comprises a combination of soy and wheat proteins, coconut oil, wheat starch and barley extract.

The ‘Veggie Steak’ will roll out on the shelves of 400 Tesco locations in the UK beginning 21 May.

Image via Vivera

Image via Vivera

Image via Vivera

[via Business Insider, video via CLRBLND Concepts | Filmproductions, images via Vivera]


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