McDonald’s New Ad Bleakly Imagines What Year 2068 Could Look Like

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Video screenshot via Leandro Alvarez

McDonald’s ‘Big Mac’ turned 50 years old this year, and it celebrated the milestone with a worldwide bonanza comprising t-shirts that double as coupons, a watch, a Coca-Cola can, and a massive poster series.

Of course, you have to take the good with the bad, and McDonald’s Spain has reflected on its history with a less vivacious approach. Teaming up with TBWA Spain, the brand has rolled out a spot that predicts what the world might be like when the ‘Big Mac’ turns 100 in 2068—and it’s truly as dismal as an episode from Black Mirror.

In the video, the protagonist wakes up to a hologram alarm. He then gets ready for a dreary office day; as it seems, the corporate life is even more mundane 50 years later.

He checks the time on his light-up wrist, and since it’s a rainy day, he walks around in a hands-free umbrella that hovers above his head.

Even more agonizingly, people in 2068 appear to have their meals compressed in one-bite blocks. You’ll finally witness something positive when the main character glances over at his colleague, who flirtatiously pretends to sink her teeth into a ‘Big Mac’, which thankfully, should still be around half a century from now.

“A lot can change, except the things that will never change,” the narrator concludes.

Video screenshot via Leandro Alvarez

Video screenshot via Leandro Alvarez

Video screenshot via Leandro Alvarez

[via The Drum, video and screenshots via Leandro Alvarez]


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