New Look Gets Called Out For Attaching Pricier Tags To Its Plus-Size Clothing

Fashion retailer New Look is under fire for allegedly charging more money for its plus-size garments.

The retailer has been offering similar styles for straight-size products as well as sizes over 16, but those over size 16 come with a higher price tag.

Retail supervisor Maria Wassell has chosen to boycott New Look after discovering that a green-striped pants, which cost £30 (US$40) in the ‘Curves’ section, was retailing for £25 (US$34) in the standard version.

On New Look’s e-commerce site, a size 18 striped t-shirt with the words “tres jolie” was selling for £15 (US$20), while the standard alternative only cost £13 (US$18). Wassell told the Telegraph that she “discriminated for being plus-size.”

The average size of a woman in Britain is a size 16, which makes Wassell slightly larger than the median. She could not comprehend why fashion retailers would penalize plus-size people and use the rationale that plus-size clothes require more fabric, as opposed to straight-size clothes.

She expressed that by doing so, retailers were “alienating” themselves from a broad spectrum of shoppers by “having price disparities” on identical clothing.

Wassell also mentioned that she used to work for a plus-size brand, and therefore understands the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Her frustration is fueled further by the fact that clothes in the tall range require more fabric, but yet remain priced similarly to those in the standard range.

After contacting New Look, she was told that some products are actually “different even though they look similar.”

A New Look spokesperson said that the company is in the process of reviewing its prices for the plus-size collection to ensure that pricing disparities, such as this one, do not continue in future.

[via Telegraph, opening image via New Look]


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