Surf Couple Designs Amazing Hotel-On-Wheels To Endlessly Chase The Waves

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Surf Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro, who own the Truck Surf Hotel, is probably living the life many avid surfers dream of.

Rather than taking root in a single location, the pair has designed a unique hotel-on-wheels that not only takes them wherever they want to go, but also up to 10 other guests in this custom-made, two-story, expandable motor home.

Carneiro reveals to Co. Design that credit for this idea goes to Ribeiro. After searching around for motor homes and realizing that there was nothing suitable in terms of comfort and flexibility for his concept, Ribeiro decided to personally transform the idea into reality.

Together with a specialized Portuguese motor home company, the duo planned and constructed the Truck Surf Hotel. The development process was no walk in the park and the team had to work almost daily for nine months.

When stationary, the hotel expands beyond the truck bed through moving walls powered by hydraulics. Each individual or couple enjoys the comforts of their own private air-conditioned double room with wireless internet.

The first floor is dedicated to the common area where guests dine and enjoy a buffet breakfast in the mornings. Five rooms—four shared double rooms and one private double room with couple bed—are located on the second floor, each with wide glass window that lets in scenic views. Guests share a common toilet and shower.

This moving two-story behemoth visits the best surf spots across Portugal and Morocco. It changes location three to four times a week, with guests’ surfboards and all other required gear transported using another van.

Packages for the Truck Surf Hotel vary in price according to Portugal and Morocco one-week trips.

[via Co.Design, video via Truck Surf Hotel, images via Truck Surf Hotel]


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