5 Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Print-on-Demand T-Shirt…

5 Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Print-on-Demand T-Shirt Designs

Running a print-on-demand t-shirt business is much harder than it looks.

It seems like everyone is selling t-shirts nowadays. The market is extremely crowded and extremely competitive. You need to really stand out if you want to make sales. But how can you do that?

These 5 tips will help you improve your t-shirt designs…

#1 Think like an entrepreneur

You probably decided to start your print-on-demand t-shirt business because you are an artistic person.

However, if you want your t-shirts to sell well, and your business to be profitable, you need to stop thinking like an artist and start thinking like an entrepreneur. What’s the difference?

An artist thinks “What can I create?”. An entrepreneur thinks “What do my customers want?”. This difference in mindset can make or break your business.

Remember, you are not creating t-shirts for yourself, you are creating them for your customers!

#2 Know who your customers are.

A common mistake that business newbies make is trying to sell a generic product to a broad audience. This doesn’t work at all. When you are trying to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.

So forget inclusivity. You need to pick a very specific group of people as your customers. What is their gender? What is their age? What are their interests? What are their hobbies? Where do they hang out? You need to know all these things if you want to make t-shirts that really resonate with people and sell well.


#3 Work hard on the t-shirt concepts

You need to be willing to work hard if you want to build a profitable print-on-demand t-shirt business. It might be tempting to just sketch something, print it on a t-shirt, and then put it on your website… But this is what everyone else is doing. It’s not going to help you to stand out. So start taking your creative process seriously.

First, brainstorm as many t-shirt concepts as you can. Don’t overthink it and don’t try to censor yourself. Just get all your ideas on paper.

Then, pick the ones that you think your customers would like the most, and sketch them out. Again, don’t overthink it, just get the first drafts out. Once that’s done, put everything aside  and sleep on it.

Finally, go back to your t-shirt concepts with fresh eyes, and try to refine them. Can you improve the concept? Should you add something or remove something? Do you like the colours? Really push yourself to create the best design you possibly can.

#4 Go to your customers and get feedback

Everyone thinks that they know what their customers want… Until they actually talk those customers.

So stop guessing. Go where your customers are and show them your t-shirt concepts. Ask them what they think. Do they like them? Do they them? Do they just find them “meh”? Why? Show your work to people, then let them speak, and listen to what they have to say. A single conversation with a potential customer can teach you more than days, weeks, or even months of deliberating by yourself.

Keep in mind that for this to be valuable, you have to talk with people in your target audience, not just friends and family!


#5 Make sure you choose the right print-on-demand service.

Once you have defined your target audience, came up with great t-shirt concepts, and refined them based on the feedback you got from your customers, it’s time to actually set up the whole print-on-demand operation.

It might be tempting to rush this part, but you really shouldn’t, because going with the wrong print-on-demand service might lead to poor quality t-shirts that will cripple your business.

There are tons of options out there, but if you want quality print on demand shirts, I recommend you to go with reputable companies like https://printify.com/make-your-own-shirt/.

Alternatively, you can take a look at your local print-on-demand services, and see if there are any that provide good quality t-shirts for reasonable prices.


Do you think that building a print-on-demand t-shirt business is easy? You are in for a big disappointment, then. The reality is that it is just like any other business. You need to put in the blood, sweat, and tears if you want to get it off the ground.

So stop messing around. Work hard on your t-shirt concepts and listen to your customers. Think like an entrepreneur.

The market might be crowded, but it’s full of people who aren’t serious.  They simply aren’t willing to work hard. That’s a path that leads to nowhere.

So don’t be like them. Get serious about your business. Put in the work and be patient. It will all pay off eventually!


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