Candy Brand's Ad Gets Flak For Turning Meghan Markle Into Chocolate Marshmallow

Image via Super Dickmann’s

Both wedding and alarm bells were ringing on the day of the royal nuptials, when a German candy brand associated Meghan Markle with a chocolate marshmallow.

Super Dickmann’s, a marshmallow confectionery coated in chocolate with a wafer base, is represented by a mascot in the likeness of the candy.

On the day of the royal wedding, the brand took to social media to post an image of a similar chocolate marshmallow character in a bridal gown.

The illustration was accompanied with a caption that read, “What are you looking at? Wouldn’t you also want to be Meghan for today?”

While the actual wedding went well, Super Dickmann’s post did not come to a sweet ending—internet users thought it was “racist” and a “pathetic” mockery of the bride’s heritage.

Meghan Markle, now officiated Duchess of Sussex, has long been vocal about the she has received for being a person of color.

The company has since taken down the post and apologized for not thinking the ad through.

“Super Dickmann’s world is colorful and diverse and far from racist thoughts,” it responded. A spokesperson also labeled the post “stupid and embarrassing.”

Racism accusations after #RoyalWedding

German confectionary firm Super Dickmann's apologized after comparing #MeghanMarkle to a chocolate-covered marshmallow in a Facebook post.

— DW | Politics (@dw_politics) May 23, 2018

[via Evening Standard, images via various sources]


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