‘Deadpool’ Hides Brilliant Easter Eggs In Candy Campaign That Will Crack You Up

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Did you manage to crack the codes hidden inside Deadpool x Trolli’s ‘Tiny Hands’ campaign?

Earlier this month, the confectionary brand launched a cheeky marketing initiative to promote its ‘Tiny Hands’ item with help from the masked vigilante and agency Periscope.

If you look past Deadpool’s package, you’ll find some brilliant Easter eggs surreptitiously embedded inside the site’s metadata and a trail of breadcrumbs that leads you to oh-so-sweet rewards.

The first lies inside the title tag of the campaign’s website ‘weirdlyawesome.com/deadpool2’. Hover over the tab and you’ll discover the words:

“I see you checking out my metadata. Also, Paul at the NSA, please return my 27 Dresses DVD. You can just bring it to spin class next week. Thanks.”

It’s a hint to delve into the site’s metadata by right clicking on the page and selecting “View page source.”

Lo and behold, you’ll be greeted by:

“Oh hey. DP here. Check out my website’s giant meta description. Don’t get any thoughts, I’m not compensating for anything. Trust me. Just a bored anti-hero enjoying the sweet playground of a meta-meta-description while snacking on some Trollis.”

“By the way, I see you keep checking out my package. Can’t say I blame you. That’s right, I’m breaking the fourth wall AND the internet. Oh dear, look at me rambling again. I shouldn’t keep you. I’m sure you have a busy day of scrolling through reddit between important meetings in incognito windows.”

“You’re probably just here to take advantage of my Easter eggs anyway. Well Easter or not, my eggs are ready. Hope you like them over-hard.”

In the same line lies a bunch of jumbled up words that, when rearranged, reads, “Unscramble this: yes, there’s an Easter egg, use the hashtag.”

And guess where the hashtag is hidden? On the website’s main page, camouflaged in the black background.

Image screenshot via weirdlyawesome.com/deadpool2

When you highlight the page, the hashtag ‘#I’mWithMerc’ appears, prompting you to follow it to unlock more Easter eggs.

According to Campaign Live, there’s even a Deadpool game sneakily hidden within all the metadata (Good luck finding it).

With Deadpool 2 launching on 18 May, it’s no surprise that Ryan Reynolds has been busy promoting his character, who’s hilariously taken over movie covers at Walmart’s Blu-Ray section, surprised South Korea as a singing unicorn, tried hard to win back David Beckham, personally answered your “stupid questions” on Google Search, and wreaked havoc on 7-Eleven.

Image screenshot via weirdlyawesome.com/deadpool2

Image screenshot via weirdlyawesome.com/deadpool2

[via Campaign Live, video via Trolli_USA, main video screenshot via Trolli_USA]


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