help me decide on a job offer

Hey guys. I have a first world problem.

I will graduate end of this month with my BFA and began to apply for jobs here in nyc. I have two offers and am not sure which one is the better deal.

Job 1

  • Already negotiated to 50k starting salary

  • Would have benefits such as 401k and insurance.

  • responsibilities would be taking photos and retouching mostly but also some web elements.

  • 2 design people work there and they seem nice and are more or less my age.

  • commute about 1.5 hours, 2-3 different trains.

Job 2

  • first offer is 52k starting salary. I think I could negotiate it to 55k at least 60k at most.

  • no benefits as far as I know cause it's a startup. But they mentioned stock options in connection with a standard employee stock options program.

  • responsibilities are huge. I would first start to create digestible info graphics for investers and then would be part of the entire re-branding.

  • no design people at this start up besides me. I would report directly to the ceo's which seem to like good design but don't know why besides it looks good.

  • commute 1 hour, no change of train.

If you were me.. What would you do?

Tldr: got a safe bet offer and a startup risky offer. What to do? Gotta decide by Wednesday.

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