How to Make Money with CRYPTO CURRENCIES

How to Make Money with/from CRYPTO CURRENCIES

How to Make Money with CRYPTO CURRENCIES

Been wanting to explore bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Check out the ultimate beginner’s guide on how to make money from crypto – from buying and HODL’ing, to trading, to mining, and more!

What Copywriting Book Impacted Me the Most?

A list of copywriting books recommended by Mr. Drew Whitman, the author of Ca$hvertising. This is the 2nd post on STM by the copywriting legend after his intro post. A must-read.

10 GB of FB Election Ads & Data Released

Images of Facebook ads the Russians purchased in to alter the 2016 U.S. Election, released by Congress in PDF format. Info revealed includes ad spend. Just, wow!

When Do I Have To Be Worried About CR Drops?

Experiencing mysterious drops in CR you can’t explain? One possibility may be that the advertiser is scrubbing. Get valuable tips on how to fix this issue.

How to Deal With Having to Restart From Zero All the Time?

Sick and tired of dealing with campaigns and even verticals dying on you all the time? The community chimes in with some good suggestions on how you can sleep better at night.

Complying with GDPR

With GDPR coming into effect in a couple of days, find advice in this thread on how to make your sites compliant.

Announcing: Affjobs Gigs!

Affjobs are taking it to the next level and introducing Affjobs Gigs! A super efficient way to hire experienced affiliates for one-off tasks, at a minuscule price! Rumour has it Upwork’s shares just plummeted. List your Gig! for only $10.

Explore Affjobs Gigs!

Put your unique affiliate skillset to the test – earn cash for one-off tasks! From helping with a funnel build on FunnelFlux, to solving a Voluum tracking issue, there’s a range of marketers that need your help…Now!

Wanted: Ad Buyer to Manage Global Campaigns

Epic opportunity! ConvertingAds are after a FB/Google/Native Ads Media Buyer to launch and optimize worldwide marketing campaigns from their modern office in Prague. There’s a base salary and rack up the commission with on-target earnings. Plus travel to global conferences included.


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