I just launched GorillaFlow, the technology sector’s content agency – Only Infotechappreciated!

I've just launched GorillaFlow – a content agency for technology companies.

Digital content strategy for technology companies

We supply tech companies with simple monthly subscription packages for their blog content and a content plan – plus access to discounted website content and landing pages.

Tech companies waste a lot of time trying to coordinate content creation between marketing consultants, copywriters and strategists.

It's also horribly inefficient for copywriters to research individual content pieces for complex technology platforms that have detailed benefits and implications.

That's why technology companies need a specialised agency.

I graduated as a journalist in London, then spent six years in international sales for both FTSE100 and startup technology companies.

I transitioned into while in Sydney and worked as a freelancer for a year, producing blog content and landing pages – mainly for technology companies.

GorillaFlow's intended to replicate a scalable, SaaS-style model as much as a content agency can do.

I'm hiring researchers to find high-quality citations and research for content, which I transform into punchy and SEO-optimised sales copy. And I'll eventually hire copywriters to take on this role too.

I'm signing my first company (a Proptech that I recently helped raise £500k) and several other businesses are interested.

I believe a dedicated agency can offer better value to technology companies (and be scalable and profitable).

My version 1.0 of the website's up.

Critique of my solution is welcomed!

I already know:

CRO is important. I'm already looking at getting a CRO specialist onboard as an add-on fee (some agencies/companies do their own CRO).

I need my own content. And I'm already writing it!

Any suggestions as to additional value I can add using my skillsets would be appreciated!



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