Inside The Royal Wedding Goodie Bags That Are Selling On eBay For Up To US$14K

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It’s hard to think of anyone who dislikes goodie bags. For the ones giving them out, the contents in these carriers are relatively pocket-friendly and are therefore economical for handing out at large parties. Those on the receiving end won’t have much to complain about, either—who can say no to free stuff?

Some 1,200 people were invited to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle outside their wedding chapel. These guests also received gift bags so they could take the celebratory spirit home.

The bags were made of canvas and marked with the monograms of the royal couple. Included inside were wedding souvenirs, welcome letters from the pair, a chocolate coin, shortbread cookies, Windsor Castle-branded water bottles, and a 20 percent discount voucher for the castle’s gift shop.

Of course, instead of keeping the items as mementos, some members of the public decided to ride on the royal wave while it’s still up.

At least 34 people have put up the bags on eBay, hoping to fetch between £25 (US$34) and £420 (US$570) for them. CNBC reports that one is asking for as high as £10,100 (US$14,000).

As much as you might enjoy goodie bags, would you pay for them, since their arguably best feature is that they’re often free?

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Click to view enlarged version. Screenshot via eBay

[via CNBC, cover image via ThomasDeco /]


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