The Problem with Brochures

There’s no glory in sending out brochures.  In fact, things change so often in this industry that dedicating time to designing, printing and distributing them can be counterproductive.  As soon as you get them into your prospect’s hands it’s only a matter of time before your is out of date and ultimately forgettable.

What’s more important is presence.  If you’re going to allocate money and staff time toward establishing this, you should put your efforts into putting it all online.

The reasons are obvious.  The web is ubiquitous and accessible.  People can access it on their smartphones, tablets or .  You can call it up in real time for a prospect, whether that person is physically with you or simply on the phone.  All that needs to be said is, “Hey, let’s go to our website.”  This is the same as putting a brochure in somebody’s hands, only better, since many people can be invited to share in the visual display regardless of where they are in space.

Another important advantage that online pages have over brochures is the ability  to adapt and improve your site as your company grows or changes.  Even if you’re a small business, an investment in a web presence goes a long way.  Get yourself a better designer and a clean, easy-to-navigate site.  Get some testimonials on display and a clear statement describing your offerings.

Why print a brochure that may or may not get read when you can deliver something instantaneous, impactful, and perhaps even interactive?

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