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Why High Sales EQ Sales Teams Win More Business

Emotional intelligence, or EI, is a ’s ability to recognize their own, and other’s, emotions. Emotionally intelligent sales teams win more business. They are competitive and collaborative, which are two words not often used to describe a sales team. Collaboration requires teamwork and interpersonal skills. Most sales organizations talk about the value of teamwork, yet most organizations never the talk. So, what is the reason for lack of collaboration on a sales team?

#1: Ego

You have salespeople consistently at the top each month. Being one of the top sales dogs brings recognition and admiration. Unfortunately, those at the top often don’t share their best practices so that they can stay at the top. They attend sales meetings, but only share their average practices.  They aren’t going to give away their secret sauce, lest they lose their top dog status. But, let’s apply some self-awareness and reality testing. You can share everything you do with other members of your team. Execution is the key to success, not your wonderful knowledge. Knowledge is not power until it is applied, and applied well.

#2: Ignorance

It’s important to remember that one or two salespeople hitting quota cannot continue to scale a company. It’s only when all members of your team are hitting quota that a company makes a profit. If the company is more profitable, they reinvest in research and development, which keeps the organization ahead of the innovation curve. They invest more money in marketing, which gives salespeople more brand awareness in the market and leads. The company hires the best people to serve your clients after the sale, increasing retention and referral business. Getting the picture?

Be competitive and be collaborative. Take time to help answer a newbie’s questions. Pay attention. Is a member of your team in a slump? Maybe a member of your team is working on a big deal. Your insights and perspectives could help them win that deal—even if you don’t get the commission. When one person on the team wins, you all win.

Emotionally intelligent sales teams know that the competition is outside of the building, not inside the building.

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